We use HTML5 accompanied by Bootstrap framework to bring you well structured & visually pleasing website designs


We use CSS3 to bring you visually impressive website effects and a clean look


All of our websites are completely responsive! That means they will adapt depending on the screen size.

Content Management

We use PHP + MySQL to bring you our simple to use CMS which allows you to edit any text on the site with ease.

Completely responsive

We make sure your website is fully responsive, in every device. This allows a better experience for mobile and tablet users increasing your sites traffic.

Click the icons below to see how responsive design works in action.

Responsive design for Mac
Responsive design for Mac Pro
Responsive design for iPad
Responsive design for Iphone

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About us

Reigate was founded in 2008. Reigate is a web development company located in Helsinki, Finland. We specialize in web design, web development, apps, e-commerce and other web-related services. We also support our customers in defining their digital strategies.

Contact us…we’re friendly. The needs of every business are unique and your web solution will reflect that. We look forward to serving you!

Not all web development companies are created equal. When you are on the hunt professional design services, you are faced with endless numbers of companies, all specializing in just a few kinds of development. Reigate is a full service, web design firm, and we are industry experts in the field of creative web design.
We guarantee you that all of our products and services are 100% quality checked.We are always open for ideas and feedback that you may have. You can always reach us via email or phone if you have questions or you need help with your website.

Latest Works

Check our projects above, which are the result of rigorous process of creation. We are constantly challenging ourselves on creativity, design, experience and knowledge.

Our Clients

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