“Reigate, with their incredible ability to create, have succeeded in making our special needs a reality that has greatly simplified and streamlined our operations.”
- Bilhotell

Case study: Landvetter Bilhotell

Landvetter Bilhotell is a family-run airport car park business in Gothenburg, Sweden. They have been in business since 1991 and with over 30 years of experience in car care. They came to us in need of a facelift to their website but more importantly, backend systems to help with day-to-day operations of their business.

The Problem

One of the biggest problems Landvetter Bilhotell had was with manual labour generated from bookings. They needed to have at least 2 full-time staff members working the phones and emails for bookings during holiday seasons.

They also needed a reliable way to manage their bookings and customers comings and goings to keep everything on schedule and manageable and since they had a shuttle bus going between the lot and the airport, it was crucial.

Our Solution

When we started working with Landvetter Bilhotell, we knew the painpoints and problems they were having with their current way of operating, basically all they had was a website with a contact form linked to a specific email inbox and a number to call to make a booking. Our job was clear to us, eliminate the manual labour and put systems in place to maximize their efficiency.

We started by working on their website design and brand. We had a couple of goals: to take in account who their customers were, ease of use and modernization. While our biggest goal was to eliminate manual labour, we still had to accomodate for the people who preferred to use a phone or email but in general we wanted to push people to use the online booking form.

Next up were the actual backend systems to help the companies processes. It was clear to us that anything we made had to simplify their bookings. We came up with a few key features such as the booking system that allowed customers to see available spots for each day and even pick a spot from the shuttle bus that would take them to the airport. The form also allowed customers to add a few extra services to their final checkout such as defrosting, charging up an electric car, cleaning, etc.

Our idea of a calendar and a printable day-schedule was also well-received. The receptionist could use them and track when customers were bringing their cars and when they were leaving. It helped the shuttle drivers see better when and where they were supposed to be at any given time of the day.

In Conclusion & Results

Here's what the people at Bilhotell had to say when we asked how our work impacted their revenue and day to day operations:

Many very good reviews from both new and old customers about the simplicity and usefulness of the website. The tools for finding customers etc. are very useful. The new website allows Bilhotell for a more personal contact to the regular customers by giving them personal coupons.”

  • 10% increase in bookings (after regular annual increase)
  • 60% bookings via website compared to ~20% previously
  • Previously spent about 2 hours per day manually creating bookings, today ~15 minutes
  • In total we have gone from about 7 hours spent on booking administrative tasks per day down to ~1 hour
85% decrease
in time consumed by administrative tasks per day

20% → 60%
of bookings made through the website

10% increase
in revenue